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Teaching Philosophy

Since leaving and returning to the performing arts I've learned a few things...

It may sound cheesy but I really believe in dancing like each day is your last. Being an artist in 2022 is a precious and fragile gift that should not be taken for granted. I believe in taking risks, making bold choices, and being unafraid of making mistakes or being embarrassed. I believe in deconstructing the rigid gender binary of the ballet world and instilling in all of my students the understanding that they are unique, worthwhile, and beautiful. I believe wholeheartedly in process over product and taking the time to nurture and care for the person inside the artist.


Take Class With Me!

During the school year I teach Ballet Technique Classes to levels Four, Five, and Six of the Grand Rapids Ballet School as well as drop in Elective Classes for Adult Beginner and Intermediate students.

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This summer I will be teaching in the Grand Rapids Ballet School Summer Intensive at both the Senior and Junior Levels. I will be teaching a variety of class types including Men's Technique, Repertoire, Variations, and a Musical Theatre Dance Styles workshop for which I am developing curriculum. 

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Come Fall I will be teaching at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre's School of Theatre Arts. More information to come...