About Nicholas

Nicholas currently works as the Maitre d'Hotel at the Søvengård restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He also serves as Social Media Coordinator for Cellar Door Artisan Preserves. You might even find him doing some freelance photography work here and there! As a native of Milwaukee, WI, a graduate of Indiana University, and now a proud Michigander, Nicholas feels that his "midwestern-ness" is a core part of who he is and the values he places on his work. He believes in eating locally, in season, and fresh! Nicholas also believes that food shouldn't just taste good - it should ALWAYS be beautiful. As a former ballet dancer, Nicholas knows the power of beauty and aesthetics to appeal to the modern consumer. Nicholas treats everything he does as a work of art, working with attention to detail, precise artistry, and intense critique. He is an idea man to his core and is always dreaming up something new! 

"If you open your mind, oh the thinks you will find, lining up to get loose!"